Title : Control of Whirling disease in trouts

Objectives :

  • Control of Whirling disease in trouts through improvement of feed
  • To reduce mortality of table fish caused due to the disease

  • Duration :1968-1970

    Location :Harwan, Kashmir

    Man power :Scientific: K. L. Sehgal, C. B. Joshi

    Brief findings :

    The project was carried out at Harwan at Kashmir during 1968 to 1970 and reported that de-visceration, cleaning and partially boiling of indigenous fishes used in dietary mixture of trout had significantly reduced the incidence of whirling disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin B1 to 1.0% in farmed trouts. Various indigenous fishes, when given raw to farmed trouts, the incidence of the disease was 8% with Crossochelius latius given as a whole in supplementary feed, as compared to Schizothoracinae spp. (3.37%) and Cyprinus carpio (3.3%).