ICAR-CIFRI organized two on-field workshops on cage culture at Bhakra and Pong Dam, Himachal Pradesh

Two on-field workshops were organized by ICAR-CIFRI on Reservoir Fisheries Management with special emphasis on cage culture sponsored by Deptt. of Fisheries, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh at cage installation sites i) near village Proiana, Bhakra Dam on 27 October, 2016 and ii) Astt. Director of Fisheries (ADF) office, Pong Dam on 28 October, 2016. A total of 140 fishers participated in the programme. Various lectures on Reservoir Fisheries Management, Cage culture for producing stocking materials vis-a-vis table fish production with diversification of fish species including field practicals of water analysis also were done. Training materials were distributed among the trainees. During interactive session pertinent questions were asked by the stakeholders relevant to fish production system in reservoirs, problems of fish harvesting from reservoirs and wise use of such water bodies through cage culture with special emphasis on in situ production of stocking materials to be stocked in the reservoir. The programs created a lot of enthusiasm among the stakeholders. Most of the participants were from respective Fishers’ Cooperative Societies near cage installation sites in two reservoirs. The Fisheries Co-operative Society members were very much interested to enhance productivity of their respective reservoirs, the life line of the fishers thriving therein. The CIFRI scientists have suggested them for wise-use of their gears with proper mesh size, observance of closing seasons strictly and care on non-use of low meshed gill nets and maintain ban on zero-meshed drag nets operated in the bays in some places of these two reservoirs so as to make the fishery sustainable for them. The officials of DoF, H.P. including ADF and FEO, Pong Dam and Supdt. Inspector, Bhakra Dam also took part in the workshop. Some more workshops of such nature are required in other parts of these two reservoirs to generate awareness among stakeholders would pay dividend in supporting life and livelihood of the fishers depending on these two water bodies in H.P.