Interactive Meeting of ICAR-CIFRI & Department of Fisheries, Jharkhand for Research and Development

Last Updated on 28.07.2017

Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Jharkhand has been striding at a rapid rate towards achieving 2nd Blue Revolution as envisaged by the Director, Shri Rajiv Kumar, DoF, Jharkhand. He was briefing the developmental activities of the Department to Dr. B. K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI while visiting Jharkhand during 10-11 July, 2017 as to support in executing such activities towards aiming at achieving the goal for enhancing fisheries in reservoirs, riverine systems, canal, open coaliary pits (OCPs) including derelict water bodies like chek dams etc. Director, ICAR-CIFRI while visiting the cage culture site at Chandil reservoir, he interacted with the cage fish growers and had a group meeting with the fishers and discussed in detail about issues related to problems in cage aquaculture in reservoirs. Director, CIFRI was apprised of the activities at 'FFTC', Shalimar, where regular training to the fishers of Jharkhand being conducted for skill development and capacity building besides nursery activities during monsoon, fabrication unit for portable iron hatchery including cage culture activities. Dr. Das, while addressing the trainee fishers at Shalimar, urged the farmers to come forward in reshaping the Jharkhand State where ample scope in relation to huge inland water resources exist with diverge nature which are mostly unexplored. The knowledge gained during training would be immense help in livelihood support besides eradicating malnutrition to the rural sector of Jharkhand. Dr. Das was also exposed to the modern fish market developed from NFDB fund and feed mill in operating condition at Shalimar. He emphasized on the hygienic condition of the market, which may attract more and more people to use this new facility.

Director, ICAR-CIFRI has been instrumental in providing all sorts of technical support for fisheries development in Jharkhand including training skill development and knowledge up-gradation to the Departmental officials, which was well recognized by the Director, DoF, Jharkhand. In the days coming, Jharkhand fishery would be pioneering in developing the State a 'Nutri-Smart' one with modest livelihood support to rural mass, where ICAR-CIFRI's role in restructuring the Fisheries Sector through providing constant technical guidance and support in this endeavour for sustainable development of fisheries in Jharkhand.

Director, ICAR-CIFRI visiting cage culture site at Chandil reservoir

Interactive Meeting of ICAR-CIFRI & Department of Fisheries, Jharkhand

Interactive Meeting of ICAR-CIFRI & Department of Fisheries, Jharkhand

Fish catch at Chandil reservoir