Assessment of reproductive biology, spawning behavior of major riverine and estuarine fishes in Gangetic and peninsular river in relation to climatic variability.
    1. Collection of climatic data, processing and analysis for the Ganga an Cauvery.
    2. Assesment of change in habitat characteristics of relevance to indigenous an exotic fish Ganga and Cauvery Rivers.
    3. Studies on the reproductive biology of target fish species from Ganga and Cauvery rivers in relation to climatic variability.
    4. Impact of climate induced altered flow on fish breeding and reproductive biology in selected stretches of the river Mahanadi.
    5. Assessment of reproductive biology of economically important fishes in floodplain wetlands in relation to climatic variability.

    Adaptation and mitigation strategies in inland fisheries to climate change.
    1. Assessment of carbon sequestration in wetlands.
    2. Assessing hematological and tissue parameters of selected fish species to water stress wetlands.
    3. Vulnerability of Inland Fisheries to climate variability.
    4. Assessment and documentation of ITKs and, ecosystem goods and services of wetlands.
    5. Assessment of extreme climatic events on Inland Fisheries.


  • Data on habitat characteristics, distribution, maturity, spawning pattern of selected fish species in rivers and wetlands in relation to climatic variability will be useful for formulating management strategies.
  • Data generation on maturity oand spawning pattern of fish under extreme climate condition will be useful for formulating adaptation strategies
  • Comprehensive data on climate induced physiological alteration in fishes during water stress will be derived for selection of adaptive fish species.
  • Adaptive fish species and rearing practivcs standardized for coping climate change.