Table: Nutritional information on 33 food fishes from India and recommendation for their inclusion for dietary counseling by physicians.

Fish species

Proximate composition

Recommended for

Catla catla (Catla)

Crude protein: 16.2±0.5%
Crude fat:2.8±0.3%


Labeo rohita (Rohu)

Crude protein: 15.9±0.4%
Crude fat: 2.7±0.2%
Ash: 2.6±0.2%


Cirrhinus mrigala (Mrigal)

Crude protein:15.5±0.5%
Crude fat:2.8±0.3%


Sperata seenghala (Sykes)

Moisture: 79.4±1.2%
Crude protein: 19.0±1.3%
Crude fat: 0.8±0.4%

Lean meat (Proteins);
trace elements Fe and Zn

Tenualosa ilisha (hilsa)

Moisture: 66.9±4.2%
Crude protein: 20.7±2.7%
Crude fat: 15.9±4.6%
Ash: 1.1±0.5%

ω-3 PUFAs

Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow trout)

Moisture: 74.8±0.3%
Crude protein:17.2±0.0%
Crude fat: 2.9±0.1%
Ash: 1.3±0.0%

ω-3 and ω-6 PUFAs

Tor putitora (Golden mahseer)

Crude protein:17.0±0.2%
Crude fat:2.2±0.1%

ω-3 and ω-6 PUFAs

Schizothorax richardsonii ( Snow trout)

Moisture: 74.8±0.0%
Crude protein:16.3±0.1%
Crude fat: 3.4±0.0%
Ash: 2.0±0.1%

ω-3 PUFAs

Neolissochilus hexagonolepis
(Chocolate mahseer)

Moisture: 75.3±0.1%
Crude protein: 18.2±0.3%
Crude fat: 3.3±0.0%
Ash: 1.4±0.0%

ω-3 PUFAs

Cyprinus carpio var communis
(Common carp)

Crude protein:17.2±0.2%
Crude fat:4.2±0.0%
Ash: 2.1±0.0%

ω-6 PUFAs

Clarias batrachus (Magur)

Moisture: 75.9±0.7
Crude protein: 16.4±0.3%
Crude fat: 3.7±0.4%
Ash: 2.3±0.0%

Trace elements Fe and Zn,
vitamin K

Heteropneustes fossilis (Singhi)

Moisture: 76.7±1.1%
Crude protein: 16.3±0.4%
Crude fat: 2.7±0.5%
Ash: 2.6±0.1%

Vitamin K

Amblypharyngodon mola (Mola)

Moisture: 76.2±1.1%
Crude protein: 16.3±0.8%
Crude fat: 4.3±0.0%

Vitamin A

Puntius sophore (Puti)

Moisture: 75.7±1.9%
Crude protein: 16.3±0.9%
Crude fat: 4.9±0.5%
Ash: 3.4±0.1%/p>

Vitamin E

Anabas testudineus (Koi)

Moisture: 68.0±0.7%
Crude protein: 16.9±0.5%
Crude fat: 6.9±0.6%
Ash: 5.3±0.2%

Vitamin A and Ca

Macrobrachium rosenbergii
(giant river prawn)

Moisture: 73.8±0.6%
Crude protein:16.8±0.5%
Crude fat: 4.4±0.2%
Ash: 4.6±0.2%


Fenneropenaeus indicus
( Indian white shrimp)

Moisture: 73.28±0.8%
Crude protein:21.20±0.3%
Crude fat: 1.07±0.4%
Ash: 1.65±0.2%


Penaeus monodon (Tiger shrimp)

Moisture: 73.13±0.9%
Crude protein:21.69±0.49%
Crude fat: 1.00±0.4%
Ash: 1.91±0.5%


Harpodon nehereus (Bombay duck)

Crude protein:8.2±0.9%
Crude fat:2.2±0.2%

ω-3 PUFAs

Lates calcarifer (Asian seabass)

Moisture: 72.05±0.4%
Crude protein:21.16±0.5%
Crude fat: 2.65±0.3%
Ash: 1.62±0.6%


Mugil cephalus (Grey mullet)

Moisture: 73.65±0.6%
Crude protein:21.40±0.8%
Crude fat: 1.79±0.4%
Ash: 1.43±0.3%


Rastralliger kanagurta
(Indian mackerel)

Moisture: 78.2±0.1%
Crude protein: 19.2±0.1%
Crude fat:1.7±0.0%
Ash: 1.2±0.0%

ω-3 PUFAs

Thunnus albacares ( Yellowfin tuna)

Moisture: 74.1±0.1%
Crude protein: 23.9±0.1%
Crude fat: 0.6±0.0%
Ash: 1.4±0.0%

ω-3 PUFAs

Ethynnus affinis (Little tuna)

Moisture: 75.7±0.1%
Crude protein: 20.9±0.1%
Crude fat: 1.9±0.0%
Ash: 1.5±0.0%

ω-3 PUFAs

Sardinella longiceps (Sardines)

Moisture: 71.3±7.1%
Crude protein: 17.1±1.4%
Crude fat:9.2±5.8%
Ash: 2.3±0.6%

ω-3 PUFAs

Katsuwonus pelamis (Skipjack tuna )

Moisture: 70.6±7.4%
Crude protein: 22.4±2.9%
Crude fat: 1.2±1.1%
Ash: 1.9±0.8%

ω-3 PUFAs

Epinephelus diacanthus
(Spinycheek grouper)

Moisture: 78.51±1.49%
Crude protein: 18.09±1.09%
Crude fat: 0.87±0.49%
Ash: 1.49±0.49%

Vitamin D

Nemipterus japonicus (Threadfin bream)

Moisture: 78.5±0.1%
Crude protein: 15.4±0.2%
Crude fat: 5.1±0.0%
Ash: 1.0±0.0%

ω-3 PUFAs

Stolephorus waiti (White bait)

Moisture: 79.98±0.18%
Crude protein: 20.29±0.17 %
Crude fat: 1.15±0.05 %
Ash: 3.28±0.03%

ω-3 PUFAs

Leignathus splendens (Silverbelly)

Moisture: 74.7±3.7%
Crude protein: 17.2±1.6%
Crude fat: 3.8±3.7%
Ash: 3.1±0.7%

ω-3 PUFAs

Trichiurus lepturus
(Ribbon fish)

Moisture: 75.5±3.6%
Crude protein: 17.9±1.5%
Crude fat: 3.4±4.1%
Ash: 1.6±0.4%

ω-3 PUFAs
and Na

Crassostrea madrasensis
(edible oyster)

Moisture: 82.1±0.7%
Crude protein: 16.8±0.1%
Crude fat: 2.7±0.2%
Ash: 1.3±0.1%

ω-3 PUFAs
and vitamin D

Perna viridis (Green mussel)

Moisture: 83.5±0.5%
Crude protein: 11.0±0.1%
Crude fat: 1.7±0.0%
Ash: 1.4±0.0%

vitamin K and
vitamin D

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